How a Dream Metabolism Is Similar to an Electric Vehicle

Written by Stephen Anton PhD on July 23rd, 2020

Our bodies are amazing machines and can run off of two different fuel sources depending on need:


Fat (aka, ketones)

However, due to our usual eating patterns, most of us only run off one of these fuels (Glucose).

Our Bodies Are Similar to Hybrid Cars

In reality, our bodies are most similar to a hybrid car, which can run off of both:



Similarly, we have two primary sources of energy:


Ketones (our super fuel)

Glucose is indeed a fuel that can be used to move our bodies quickly for brief periods, but the energy doesn’t last and we may start to feel:




This creates a vicious cycle where frequent stops at the pantry are required throughout the day unless our brain and body can switch to using ketones for energy.

A Dream Metabolism Is Similar to an Electric Car

In contrast to traditional gasoline-fueled vehicles, electric cars:

Run very efficiently

Have lots of power

Emit few waste products

Driving the vehicle puts little stress on the engine and other critical parts so the car experiences little damage.

Additionally, the car can function at a high level all day long and only needs to be charged (re-fueled) now and then.

Finally, electric cars get their energy from the rechargeable batteries inside of them, and thus their energy supply comes from within – it just needs to be activated.

This is why an electric car would be the closest analogy to what a dream metabolism looks like, being able to run off your body’s super fuel (ketones) all day long.

Most of Us Are Not Electric Vehicles

Unfortunately, most of us are not like electric cars, but more like a 10-year old vehicle that inefficiently uses fuel while emitting lots of metabolic waste products.

And those of us who are at a true metabolic disadvantage are more like diesel trucks emitting tons of exhausts and using large amounts of energy to function so frequent stops at gas stations (or food pantries) are required.

Over time, these metabolic wastes can start to:

Harm the function of our body’s organs

Compromise our health

Why We Can’t Run Exclusively on Glucose

You may wonder why the goal is not to be more like a Ferrari or your favorite sports car.

It is well known that the larger the engine, the faster the car will go.

The problem with most sports cars, however, is that:

They burn through fuel too quickly

Put a lot of stress on the car and its machinery

To maintain performance, frequent stops at gas stations are required, but over time this rapid fuel use and frequent refueling can cause parts to rust and ultimately need to be replaced.

This is similar to what happens when your body runs exclusively off glucose as an energy source.

Ketones: Our Body’s Super Fuel

Although some types of gasoline are higher quality than others, cars can run more efficiently, and produce less waste, off of electricity.

Similarly, our bodies have a super fuel source, ketones, which are:

More efficient at producing energy compared to glucose

Produce less metabolic waste than glucose

Also, ketones are powerful signaling molecules, that:

Regulate the expression of genes

Even reduce inflammatory processes

Do you want your body to run more efficiently with less waste? It’s a choice you make every single day.

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    Get the latest news on topics like intermittent fasting, healthy aging, reducing obesity, and more.